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Sharing our passion for design is a really important point for us. Having regular teaching assignments at different universities, giving workshops and being connected with the new generation working in the fields of design is what we find important.

We think it is very important to educate future generations not only to use digital and analogue tools, to understand connections, to allow for coincidences, to question things and to observe closely, but also to recognise formal design as an important point, if not the most important one, where everything comes together.

To design comprehensively and holistically.


Since 2017 we've been teaching regularly at different schools and universities. Working with students is a very rewarding and enriching experience for us.

We are happy about teachings, talks and workshops at
Burg Giebichenstein Halle,
Zlín Design Week,
Kunsthochschule Weissensee,
HAWK Hildesheim,
Folkwang Essen,
Kunsthochschule Kassel,
Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg,
HTW Berlin and
Hochschule Coburg.

Workshop HS Coburg
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Driven by different kinds of approaches:
Semester projects, short-term projects, fundamental skills in design or material driven subjects.

Designprocess model making
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Farbic experiments
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cardboard tower


vessel made from clover
Same lines

Design work is such a great virtue!

Always with the aim to spark the fire for design and inspire people to work in this wonderful discipline.

Romin explaining

Doing something with your hands

Building a tower
Building something
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vdid lab workshop


To be in involved in shaping future matters of the discipline design, Romin was part when building up vdidlab, he is part of the presidium of VDID, the German association of industrial designers and has been a delegate to Deutscher Designtag and Deutscher Kulturrat.