Logs Ton wardrobe

— wooden wardrobe

2020 / furniture

Individually or arranged in groups: this compact wardrobe is suitable for many places. Made from reused wood offcuts sourced at manufacturer TONs chair production and shipped in re-utilised cardboard boxes the LOGS are a beautiful example for ecodesign applied to the whole production process. — Assistance: Bianca Bluhm

TON a.s.
Michaela Thoneta 148
CZ-76861 Bystřice pod Hostýnem


Logs Red Dot Winner 2020
Bundespreis Ecodesign 2020 nominee
Logs all black
Logs packaging
Second purpose
Raw wood at TON in Bystrice
Models of Logs
Logs in oak on white wall
Logs in oak on white wall
Logs in walnut